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Total Knee Joint Replacement Surgery

The knee is the largest join in the body. Healthy knees are important for performing daily activities like walking, running. If knee is totally damaged because of injury or arthritis, it becomes difficult to complete regular activities.

In a complete knee replacement, the surgeon will remove damaged cartilage surfaces at the end of the femur and tibia, damaged cartilage are replaced with metal components to provide new surface inside the joints. For smooth movements of metal components spacer is inserted between them. When you feal limited movement of your knee or when non-surgical treatment doesn’t work, then knee replacement surgery is recommended.

Is joint replacement right for you?

Joint replacement surgery is the most “definitive” treatment. It’s important to know what to expect:

  • It’s an operation with a significant recovery time.
  • Fewer risks.
  • Less pain still recovery

After successfull surgery one can expect less pain within a month and improvement in flexibility.

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