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Ashish Jadhav

I operated under Dr. Aniket Patil for Knee arthroscopy (Jan2018) which went successful. Doctor is very Cool & Giving enough time to his patients. Explains the cause with all details and examples. Having very good attitude and experience of health services. I strongly recommend Dr. Aniket Patil for all ortho problems. He is the best.

Lokesh Zalke

Very good doctor. It was an awesome experience. He helped me a lot to get cure faster and also I got completely cured.

Ranjan Inmulwar

Dr. Aniket Patil is a Knee transplant and sports medicine specialist gave a clear picture of my sister’s knee problem. Allowed her to choose among different treatment options. He is very well trained and has a good clinical experience. I shall recommend him to all others either young or old with knee issues.

Vichar Nigam

My Aunt underwent knee replacement surgery by Dr. Aniket Patil. She had a lot of difficulties while walking and severe pain. But after surgery, she has so much relief. We were counseled very well. The surgery went very well. Thank you so much Dr. Aniket I’ll definitely recommend him.

Sushil Deshmukh

I had a very nice experience with dr. Aniket Patil for my fracture treatment. I will surely recommend him for orthopedics problems

Deepak Jeswani

Very nice experience with Dr. Aniket Patil Sir Explain each detail to the patient in an easy language, Royal person.

Dr.Vijay Yashwantrao Joshi

Very good Orthopedic Surgeon for knee problem

Kiran Garje

I am from Solapur. My mother met with an accident. So needed hip joint replacement surgery. We met Dr. Aniket and did surgery. Now she is fit and fine.

Mahesh Rathod

Thank you so much Dr. Aniket. Extremely happy by robotic knee replacement surgery is done by you. This would not possible in Solapur.

Sanjay Shingade

Best Orthopaedic surgeon… Now I think I took a good decision not to take treatment in Solapur.

Prathmesh Patil

I have undergone Arthroscopic knee surgery from Dr. Aniket. He gave me confidence that I can run even after my surgery. This could not be possible in Solapur.

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Orthopedic Surgery Explained By Dr. Aniket Patil

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Knee Arthroscopy Surgery (Marathi)

Robotics Assisted Joint Replacement Surgery Procedure.

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Registration of Hip Center
Registration of Knee Landmarks
Registration of Knee Landmarks
Robotic Assisted Knee Bone Excision

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Mrs. Manjulaben Rathode
Mrs. Manjulaben Rathode
Mrs. Mangal Patil
Mrs. Mangal Patil